From our guest book

Thank you so much for this awesome trip. You guys have been amazing from the very start. I’ll never forget about any of this.
Fernanda from Brazil - 28/01/2018

I loved going to sail since I was a child. If you like boats then you can’t miss the opportunity to meet such an amazing place with these incredible crew.
Best regards from Argentina, Pedro - 29/01/2018

Amazing day to admire Bay of Islands in a very local way far away from the tourist crown. You guys have been amazing!
Thank you
Guillaume & Marine - 30/01/2018

Perfect day! Thanks heaps for all that love you put into little details like food etc. It was just beautiful to spend a day with you. It was a great experience.
Gabi - 02/02/2018

Many thanks for this amazing trip! It was a highlight of our NZ travels so far. Great to have a chat with the dolphins!
Family Manz from Germany - 07/02/2018

Thank you Mike and Melissa for one of my best birthdays yet. It was such and amazing experience to see the Bay of Islands from this perspective. You guys seem to really love what you do and that really showed to us. Happy Sailing!
Giulia from Italy - 07/02/2018

I will recommend your tour! It was amazing! We learned a lot and it was my first time out on a boat and seeing wild dolphins! It will be an experience I won’t forget.
Samantha from Canada - 07/02/2018


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