Gungha II sailing yacht crewMike, Deb family and friends have sailed throughout the Pacific and beyond, travelling over 250,000 nautical miles in 35 years of life at sea. Mike’s early voyages included a two year Pacific to Caribbean adventure on a 28 foot sloop!

Our voyages as a family included living aboard with our daughters Meisha and Alix for 14 years and sailing to some of the world’s most remote and beautifully isolated islands. Our sail training voyages have taken us from Alaska and throughout the Pacific with many of our travellers going on to their own boats and voyaging or crewing throughout the world. You can join us on one of our day sailing cruises in the Bay of Islands or meet us in a tropical paradise (or both)!

October thru May / Bay of Islands
June thru September / Tonga, Fiji and Beyond

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